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Weather Related School Closures

Please see the attached links from the district about delayed starts and/or school closures due to weather conditions. Please be sure your email is up-to-date in Skyward so you will receive the latest information


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School Community Council

School Community Council (SCC) is made of parents and faculty, and charged with managing the use of Trustland funds. These funds come from property throughout the state that generate revenue for schools. The public meetings are held monthly.

New Student Registration

You will need to fill out the New Student Registration Packet found on this website under Information at the top of this page. We can also give you the packet at the school.

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Free or Reduced School Lunch

Learn more about or fill out the application for the free or reduced school lunch program.

Free or Reduced School Lunch


Parent donations help programs in the school. From the school play to student rewards, we use donations to make Traverse Mountain Elementary better!

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Grades 1-6

Early Out Monday Schedule

  • A Track 8:00-1:15
  • B Track 9:15-2:30

*Teacher pick-up is at 7:55 and 9:10

Tuesday-Friday Schedule

  • A Track 8:00-2:15
  • B Track 9:15-3:30

*Teacher pick-up is at 7:55 and 9:10


Early Out Monday Schedule

  • AM 8:00-11:20
  • PM 12:00-2:30

*Teacher pick-up is at 7:55 and 11:55

Tuesday-Friday Schedule

  • AM 8:00-11:20
  • PM 12:00-3:30

*Teacher pick-up is at 7:55 and 11:55


No Pre-School on Mondays

Tuesday-Friday Schedule

  • AM 8:00-10:45
  • PM 11:30-2:15

*Teacher pick-up is at 7:55 and 11:25

SPED Preschool

Tuesday-Friday Schedule

  • AM 9:15-12:00
  • PM 12:45-3:30

*Teacher pick-up is at 9:10 and 12:40

Lunch Schedule

  • 2nd Grade 11:20-11:50
  • 1st Grade 11:25-11:55
  • 3rd Grade 11:40-12:10
  • 6th Grade 11:45-12:15
  • 5th Grade 11:55-12:25
  • 4th Grade 12:00-12:30