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PreSchool Registration

For Questions call 801-610-8231


Kindergarten Camp

For 24-25 Kindergarten Students

May 13



Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week

April 22-26


2500 W Chapel Ridge Rd. Lehi (Map it) | Front Office 801-610-8725 | Fax 801-701-6280 | School Schedule


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Traverse Mountain Elementary




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School Community Council

School Community Council (SCC) is made of parents and faculty, and charged with managing the use of Trustland funds. These funds come from property throughout the state that generate revenue for schools. The public meetings are held monthly.

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Free or Reduced School Lunch

Learn more about or fill out the application for the free or reduced school lunch program.

Free or Reduced School Lunch


Parent donations help programs in the school. From the school play to student rewards, we use donations to make Traverse Mountain Elementary better!

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Grades 1-6

Monday-Friday Schedule

  • 8:00-2:15

*Teacher pick-up is at 7:55


Monday-Friday Schedule

  • AM Kindergarten 8:00-10:45
  • PM Kindergarten 11:30-2:15

*Teacher pick-up is at 7:55 and 11:25

Inclusion Preschool and Small Group (SPED) Preschool

No Preschool on Mondays

Tuesday-Friday Schedule

  • AM Preschool 8:15-11:00
  • PM Preschool 11:45-2:30

*Teacher pick-up is at 8:10 and 11:40

Lunch   Schedule

  • 1st Grade 11:15-11:50
  • 2nd Grade 11:20-11:55
  • 4th Grade 11:30-12:05
  • 5th Grade 11:35-12:10
  • 3rd Grade 11:45-12:20
  • 6th Grade 11:55-12:30